Facing Our Challenges!

Our Challenges!

Look at the Big Picture!

110_F_11540009_IzEvTVl93GFPdu1UOYI8mmvkKAoyWCKe_PXPSometimes in our lives we get so caught up in all of the little challenges we constantly face, we forget to look at the big picture.  If we look around, often we see others with challenges that we think are even worse than ours.  Then we are thankful for what we have in life.  We really need to face all of our challenges that same way — we must always be grateful for the good times and find the best way to get through the not-so-great times.  Some of the down times are actually not so big and we can figure out how to manage them, but now and then something happens that is tougher with which to deal.  Fortunately the really big issues are not too often usually, and the smaller problems we have dealt with do help us figure out how we can get through those more difficult times.

Our Biggest Difficulties!

Some of our biggest difficulties might be a divorce, a death of a family member or close friend, a job loss, a severe injury or health problem, and right now of course the economy has been one of everyone’s biggest problems. No matter young or old, the economy affects all of us in some way — no job, money problems, loss of a home, or even the higher prices we must pay for everything. It is hard to get through any of these problems, but we all just have to stick with it and face it as best we can.

Be in Service to Others!

Some have found a whole new area of work they had never even thought of before, with some of those jobs being in service to others in some way. A good friend of ours had done many different jobs in her lifetime, and turned to driving those who could no longer drive to doctor appointments, or the bank, or the market. Some older people need just a little help with what they have to do, and need a ride to get there. Some just need someone to come and help them with something in their home like cleaning or cooking, and they also enjoy having someone to talk to for a while. If they have a hard time getting out on their own, they may not see anyone except when they hire someone to help them in some way.

The Bad Times Do End!

During these times of poor economy, some families have had to move in together. If they all help to make it work out, it will. Everyone has to be willing to work together on it though, as when there is a lot of grumbling in the group of people it won’t be a happy time for anyone. I remember being a child during/after World War II and standing in line with our mother for meat and other necessities. I remember my father having gas coupons, and since he drove in the course of his job he had to really plan his day, with very little gas available sometimes. As difficult as those times were, they did finally end and most were able to slowly rebuild their lives back to where they wanted them to be.

Choose to Be Happy!

In the meantime, while we wait for times to get better now, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to find things to see or do that make us happy! When we are happy we can get through life’s challenges so much better and we also will stay healthier too. Happiness does help our health to be better, but if we meet challenges with being upset all of the time, our health will suffer. So, do choose to be happy — that’s what I found works the very best!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy!


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