Having an Outlook of Hope!


Have an Outlook of Hope!

110_F_2828293_K53QRxpDskcV1OPvngYZaSc0NtGHng_PXPEach day brings a new opportunity for us to look for new happiness.  Even if yesterday wasn’t the best day of your life — even if the last year wasn’t the best year of your life — each morning brings a new day.  Each day is a new starting point in our lives.  By our choice, by our thinking and doing, by our outlook of hope, we actually begin our life anew each and every day.  Look around you, and even if you think things aren’t the very best in your life, you will see someone who is having an even worse time in their life.

There Is Always Hope!

Hope is a good thing to cultivate in your thinking. Sometimes we may all question, just what hope is there? But there is always hope! Some days we may have to look and think a little harder in order to find hope, but it is worth it! No matter how bad things are, strive toward having hope active and alive in your life. Sometimes we may need to look to our Lord, or whoever we see as our “Higher Power,” for that hope and that works if we let it. Even if today still seems to not be our best day, plan to have hope that tomorrow will be better. Always strive to move upward each day; don’t let yourself sink downward.

Be Full of Hope!

Yesterday is our past; today is our present; tomorrow is our future and full of hope for each day to be better than the day before. Often instead of thinking about all of our bad days, just changing to thinking of just today is helpful. It’s sort of like the chores we know need to be done and we know we don’t have time to do them all. If we concentrate on one chore — the most important one — we will feel a sense of accomplishment when we complete that one task. Taking just one day to think about works about the same — most often we can deal with that one day and get through it. Live in the present as much as you can. I find that to be very helpful in relieving the stresses I encounter each day. At the end of today, then reach out for the hopes you have for tomorrow, and let today’s stresses melt away and let sleep rest and refresh you for tomorrow.

Tomorrow May Be a Great Day!

Whether tomorrow turns out to be raining and stormy, sad, happy, sunny, hot or cold, we should find some good point about the day and be happy about something. Maybe a good friend will call, maybe there will be something interesting in the mail, maybe we will accomplish something that will make us happy, maybe it will just be an ordinary day — but if we look we can usually find something that will give us a smile, or even a laugh, or just a satisfied, comfortable feeling. Maybe it will be a great day! Maybe something totally unexpected will happen that will make it into a wonderful day! From day to day we never really can be sure just what tomorrow will bring, but do look for at least a moment of happiness each day! Enjoy that moment and keep looking for more of those moments in the days that follow!

Have a great, happy day!


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