Happy New Year!

It’s a New Year!

I Hope You Have a Happy New Year!

110_F_9688050_mwdSVVMzcUiU0O4lTPk8nUj1EuP67APj_PXPIt’s a whole new year, which means you can start over.  Whatever was happening last year that you weren’t happy or satisfied with, now you can begin again — new!  This doesn’t mean you have to move, or drop someone from your life, or make some drastic change in your life.  It just means you can start out this year with a new attitude about your life.  You may have already made a decision to do one or more of the things mentioned, but mostly change comes from attitude.  Attitude affects so much in everyone’s life, so it really helps to make one’s attitude positive rather than negative.  Try it, I think you will really like it!

Find Your Happy Life!

Was your “cup half empty” last year?  If so, then now is a great time to look around and find ways to turn your life into “clear full.”  Find your happy life in this new year.  Maybe you need to find some positive people with whom to be friends.  Many times if you are around positive people, that will lift your spirits.  Happiness has a way of multiplying itself.  Have you found this to be true in your life?

A lot of one’s happiness depends upon their own attitude.  If a person cannot look beyond the bad things in their life, happiness can be elusive for them.  Have you not known people who seem to have everything possible go wrong in their life?  Probably everyone has known someone like that.  Often, many of those people still have a happy attitude about their life.  They understand that things do usually get better.

No One Else Can “Make Your Life Happy”!

The person that CAN make your life happy is YOU!  Do things that you enjoy doing.  Find something every day that lifts your spirits.  Decide to begin this year with a new attitude about life, and then begin doing everything you can think of to do just that.  What do you enjoy?  Make a list of things you find pleasure doing, and then, one by one, start doing those things.  Whether you do something different every day, week or month, do those things and let yourself enjoy even a few minutes each day.  Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes away from the norm, and life becomes happier.

Helping Others Can Bring Happiness!

If you help someone in some way, you may make them happy, but you will definitely be happier yourself.  Helping can be as simple as a smile as you pass someone in the market aisle.  They could be having a bad day and your smile may help them feel better.  They will feel like someone cared enough to smile at them.  They may just smile back.  If the lines at a store are slow and you have a chance to even comment with someone about the weather, or prices, or whatever, you may just make their day because you spoke to them.  Not everyone will be friendly back, but many will.  If they aren’t, that’s their problem, not yours.  You tried, and that’s what counts.

Learn from Little Children!

Often little children are very friendly and can be good role models.  Most of them haven’t learned yet that life sometimes isn’t great.  So their attitude about life is usually upbeat and happy.  They often will return a smile, even if some adults don’t.  They appreciate the little things in life that give one joy — a pretty leaf or flower, sunshine, a cute puppy or kitten, and all of the other little things adults are so used to seeing that they no longer notice many of them.  Adopt the carefree way of looking at life like children do.  Of course, as an adult, you can’t act exactly like a child, but you can take on that same attitude.  Look at everything with a new, young attitude, and accomplish making your life happier.

A Happy, Positive Attitude Can Help You!

When a person has a happy, positive attitude in their life, it really can help their health and their happiness.  The stresses in life cause everything to go downhill, including health and happiness, but your positive attitude can turn all of that around.  It lessens the stress, so it has a positive affect on your body in all ways.  So do find ways of helping your attitude and life to be more positive — starting now.  New year = new beginnings!

Here’s to your new beginnings!!


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