Health and Happenings!

About Our Health Issues and Happenings!

The last time I wrote a blog article was a little while ago, due to various health issues and happenings.110_F_5400932_cbev8Ua0nZLfflDebPXiI44pBUdqDeBg_PXP  I will share some of those things with you here.  Some happenings were right here in my home, and some were with others in our family.

We don’t all have to be older in age for things to happen.  Even little infants have health issues, sometimes severe ones.  However, as we age, it seems like that is when some of the serious things are more apt to happen.

My Husband’s Biggest Health Issue!

My husband has Parkinson’s Disease, and has had it for a number of years.  We are not exactly sure just when it started, but looking back, it’s been a while ago.  It is not something anyone would want to have.  He certainly doesn’t, nor do I want him to have to have it.

It involves increasing disability.  He has great difficulty getting up out of a chair — any chair.  He has increasing difficulty eating as his hands don’t always cooperate with what he is trying to do.  Walking is becoming increasingly difficult, and is accomplished very slowly!

Some of His Other Health Issues!

A few years back he happened to mention to our doctor that his feet were numb.  In testing him, it was found that he had numbness clear to his knees!  Tests showed he doesn’t have diabetes, so the cause is unknown.  Now his fingers are also beginning to feel numb.

Also for unknown reasons, he now needs oxygen, and he despises being hooked up by tubing to a machine.  He doesn’t drink enough water, and after a few 100 degree days, he ended up in the Emergency Room at our local hospital due to dehydration.

Our Son-in-Law Had Cancer!

Talk about serious health issues — cancer is among the top contenders!  He was able to keep a positive attitude through most of treatments, which included chemo, radiation, and surgery (multiples of each).  Then they found he had a tumor and aneurysm in his head and had to have brain surgery!  That almost threw him, but he hung in, recovered, and finally his cancer was GONE!

That is only a small part of what has happened in his life.  There will be an upcoming book about his life story in the not-too-distant future.  His life has been very bizarre through many unusual happenings during his 42 years of living.  I will keep you posted when the time nears for the writing of his life story.

My Sister and Her Daughter and Their Deaths!

My sister had osteoporosis before there was even a name for it!  She was only in her mid-twenties when this was first diagnosed.  She raised her three daughters and one son, mostly as a single mother.  Her poor little body became bent almost in half if you saw her profile, but from the front view you were less aware of this.  She worked many years, mostly doing office work, but for a little while in a large low-cost retail store.  Even with her severe disability, she lived until she was 75 years of age.

Her middle daughter married a man who had a drinking problem, that was probably worse than hers.  She would also take pills of whatever kind she could find — pain pills, tranquilizers, whatever.  She didn’t like working, but somewhat raised two daughters.  She finally passed, as did her husband, fairly young, mostly  due to their lifestyle.  She led such a different life than her mother!

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