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A Positive Attitude Helps Both Health and Happiness!

110_F_10125479_nMUkVhrE3kSQHXeCPsrq3dwsBtW8Igyw_PXPHave you thought about how a positive attitude in life helps both your health and happiness?  I try to be a positive person, do you?  I think you will find that a positive attitude helps you come out on the good side of many of life’s problems.

If you tend toward having a negative point of view, you may want to work on trying to become more positive.  If you live in the bottom pits of life too often, try to keep reaching and moving upwards in your thoughts and actions.  If you can become more positive, I believe you will find more happiness each day, and it could also have the effect of helping you to have improved health too.

Our Son-In-Law!

I have mentioned our son-in-law before in another blog and how his having a positive attitude was helping him through chemo as he battled cancer.  He and our daughter have had so many struggles in life, especially this past year.  They are only in their 40’s, but he has gone through heart problems, had 2 stents, had a couple of small heart attacks, and more.  Whenever we didn’t hear from them for a little while, we wondered what new challenge they might be facing.

During this past year alone, they couldn’t afford to pay a large electricity bill, so had no electricity for something over a year.  Our son-in-law got pretty good with a BBQ and could cook most anything on it.  He could make biscuits on the BBQ even, which surprised me, and our daughter said they were really good.

We helped as much as we could, but couldn’t afford to pay their really large power bill for them.  Somehow they finally got to a point when they had some money coming in and could pay enough of the bill that the company would make some kind of arrangements with them.

During That Same Year!

During that same year, a neighbor’s dog attack him one night, biting the back of his leg, and dragged him down their steps.  This caused tendon damage for which he had to have several weeks of therapy.  His cancer came back several times, so he had to have more chemo, and finally he had to have a couple of surgeries and several radiation treatments.

Through all of these happenings, they both kept a positive attitude most of the time, and looked forward to a time that things would get much better.  Their hopefulness finally paid off and he is finally in remission with the cancer!

Their Story Didn’t Get Perfect Yet!

Oops!  Their story didn’t suddenly get perfect yet.  In life it seems that sometimes one problem goes away just as the next one pops up its ugly head!  That is what happened to them.  Almost in the next breath, after telling him that the cancer had finally gone into remission, he was told he was going to need further surgery to repair some of the damage to his heart — some of which probably was inherited, and some came from all of what he went through with the cancer and treatments.

Now that has been accomplished — with two more stents, a blood clot dissolved, some dead heart tissue removed — next a couple of weeks of recovery time, and then he was told he would be “golden.”  He won’t be able to go back to the heavy duty work he has done since age 12, but he can do smaller home upkeep jobs and the like.  After the surgery he said he felt so much better, and could breathe so much easier, so he is a happy man!

Their Positive Attitude Brought Them Through!

Had they not been able to keep a positive and hopeful attitude throughout this past year, I can’t imagine that they would be at this point of things looking so good!  I strongly feel that it was their positive attitude that brought them through to this good outcome!  It has helped both his health and their happiness!

I hope you can pursue a positive attitude in your life and can find yourself with a good outcome too!  To your health and happiness!!


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