Today Is Here – Be Happy!

Today is here!

Be Happy!

110_F_46454_v6UmjWyGh9S2KmifbPqIsoc3MnFKli_PXPEvery day in our lives is important! Today is here, so try to make it special in some way. Do something good for your health; find something about which to be happy – even if you start out feeling there is nothing. Your happiness often has a lot to do with your having better health, so it is important to find happy things to dwell on each day.

Did the sun come out today after several days of ugly weather? Did you hear from a friend or family member that you were hoping would contact you? You woke up – isn’t that something good? My late Dad used to say, when he was past age 90, “I always check the obituaries and if I’m not in them, it’s a good day.”

A Positive Attitude!

We have a son-in-law who has been going through a battle with cancer and chemo, radiation, and surgeries. His positive attitude is, I am sure, what has gotten him this far in this dreadful situation. His cancer doctor was amazed at his attitude, and surprised when he had everyone who was getting chemo at the same time as he was, laughing and cheerful. He said when he went down the hallway singing, the doctor asked him if he would be willing to speak to other younger patients about keeping a happy, positive attitude. Of course, he said he was happy to do that!

Have Happy Thoughts!

Even if this day is just another in a string of “bad days” you will feel better if you can concentrate on happy thoughts. You might read a humorous book or magazine article, watch a funny movie, or talk to a happy, upbeat friend. Just do something that will lift your spirits, and you will find out how much better the day turns out to be!

Take care, and be happy and healthy!


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