I Am a Dog Person!

Do You Have Any Pets?

Pets keep our lives interesting!

DSCF0063Do you have any pets?  Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, or maybe both?  I have been a dog person all of my life.  Of course, when I was very young, I became a dog person because my parents brought home a sweet Scottish Terrier.  They used to tell me that as a young toddler, the dog actually let me sit on her back.  She was very loving and patient, I assume.

Suzie Is a Member of Our Family!

My husband and I have had dogs almost all of our married life.  We now have a dog who is the “love of our lives,” of course other than our two-legged family members.  Actually Suzie is a member of our family too.  She may be four-legged, but she is so in tune with everything we do.  She quickly learned to listen for the mail vehicle to come down our street, and tells us excitedly that “the mail is here!”  Not that she cares about the mail, but she quickly learned that there are times we are waiting and watching for the mail.  Where we used to live Suzie had a pet door so she could go in and out whenever she wished.  Now she has to tell us when she need to go out as we have no pet door here.  She learned that almost immediately when we moved here.  Of course sometimes she just wants to “be a dog” and just sniff and look around outdoors, without doing what we thought she wanted to go out to do.  When we first got her years ago she was so amazed to see birds and butterflies flying around our yard.  It delighted us watching her as she looked so excited watching the various birds and butterflies, never bothering them, just watching.  Now, years later, she just seems to take them for granted.

Pets Give So Much Back!

They say that if people have pets, especially dogs, we will be healthier and live longer.  I can understand why as having a pet can be such a fun time.  It does take being responsible for their care and their happiness, but they give so much back.  Our Suzie enjoys entertaining us, playing ball with us, having her back or tummy rubbed, and just being part of our family.  That goes two ways, as we love having her as part of our family too.  The dog we had previous to Suzie ended up with cancer, which was really a sad time, but we did have many good years with her too.  In life we just have to take the bad times along with the good times.  They say we wouldn’t appreciate the good times as much if all we had was good times!

Pets Do Have Their Own Personalities!

Even if you can’t afford to have a dog, or a cat, maybe a fish or some other smaller pet would suit you better.  It isn’t just children who can love a pet, adults can enjoy loving a pet too.  Whatever pet you may choose, if you love your pet, they give you even more love back.  I am a dog person so I enjoy having a dog with which my husband and I can share our lives.  Dogs, and probably other pets, do have their own distinct personality, which makes life with them interesting.  Some pets can be very warm and cuddly, and some can be more distant.  Some pets are happy and maybe even silly, where some are more serious and reserved.  Sometimes we teach our pets how we want them to act, but sometimes they sort of train us as to what they want us to do.  If you have never had a pet, this may not be something you totally understand, but if you have a pet I’ll bet you do.  I have heard somewhere that pets can’t have personalities and emotions, but I strongly disagree!  When my mom passed away, her cat grieved, and finally did warm up to letting my dad be her new special friend.  When my husband was in the hospital for a couple of weeks some years back, our dog seemed so worried and anxious until he got back home.  As I said, pets keep our lives interesting — and happy!

Take care and stay healthy and happy.


P.S.  If you would like to read more about Suzie, check out my other blog site: www.DogsandTheirOwners.com .  If you liked what you read here, please click the social media buttons below and share the page with your friends and family.  Feel free to leave a comment too, if you would like to.

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