Life Happens!

Life Happens Every Day!

Good Days and Bad Days Happen!

DSCF0230In our family, and I am sure in your family too, “Life Happens!”  Every day it is something new, or so it seems.  How do you manage day to day?  Do you have more good days or more bad days?  I will tell you about some of the things that have happened to our family over the years.

We Like Good Days!

Some days are very good.  Everyone is healthy.  Everyone is happy.  Everything goes well all day – from morning to night.  All of our undertakings for the day go along as planned, and whatever projects we had that we were working on are finished as we had hoped.  No one gets laid off their job.  No one has an accident or runs out of gas.  There is something to fix for dinner without having to make a trip to the market.  Nothing happens unexpectedly.  Those are the days we all wish for everyday.  Right?!

Then There Are the Bad Days!

We have seen enough of those to last a lifetime, and maybe you have too.  Our daughter’s baby was born at full term and everyone was so happy.  In a very short time, happiness turned to concern, then to a very big worry.  She was born in a local hospital, then taken to the large city hospital, next taken to a specialized hospital miles away.  She only lived 28 hours, and she was gone forever, except in all of our hearts.

A Second Bad Day!

Six months after the loss of our daughter’s baby, our son’s 13 month old daughter was gone.  She died from SIDS.  No one knew why; there were really no answers forthcoming.  She was such a sweet baby who had grown just old enough to be able to do things like – talk some, play, be loving, and laugh more easily than cry.  Our son and his baby’s mother weren’t married, and the baby and her mother lived at the other grandmother’s home at first.  We could call and “borrow” our granddaughter for a few hours.  We all loved those times we spent with her.  In fact, we had spent some time with her just a week before that fateful call early one morning telling us of her death.

Life Keeps Happening, Both Good and Bad!

Sometimes bad things happen, but end up with a good ending.  One day when I wasn’t home my husband went up onto our roof.  He shouldn’t have, as the metal roof was damp from off and on inclement weather.  When I got home a couple of neighbors told me I should go to the hospital in the next town as my husband was taken there after he fell off the roof onto our wooden deck.  He had surgery to remove his totally ruptured spleen, and x-rays and scans to check his other injuries.  He was released from the hospital on Christmas day after two weeks of hospitalization.  Recovery took a few months, during which his lung had to be drained of fluid a few times, and time was needed for his overall healing.  Happily, he did finally heal!

Really Bad Days Can Happen to Anyone!

A few days ago we got the sad news that a couple we all knew at church, part of the church family, lost their home, their dog, and their lives in a 3:00 a.m. house fire.  This was a shock to all of the church family!  We had all seen them just the day before, spoken to them, shared hugs with them — and then they were GONE FOREVER!  Those things just happen to some “unknown person” in the newspaper and on the TV news, and not to people we all know!  Right?!  But — not always!

Have you known and cared about someone that died in a tragic way?  Did you get through the healing process okay?  Hopefully so!  Please leave me a comment and tell me about it.

Take care, until next time,


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