Life’s Problems!

Life can have problems!DSCF0351

Sometimes life can be going along just fine, but other times there can be problems.  Of course, we all hope for more good times than bad, but for some people it seems to go the other way.

Our daughter and son-in-law have had so many of life’s problems to deal with for so long now, it seems like their life won’t ever improve, but time does eventually bring some changes.  Having patience and staying positive helps during the bad times.

Problems, problems!

During the past few years, our daughter and son-in-law have dealt with his Stage 4 cancer, his brain surgery for an aneurysm and tumor, and other medical issues.  And now, he has had heart attacks and two strokes which were caused by a hole in his heart, which he most likely had since birth, 42 years ago.

Oh, also, they have had no electricity for something over a year because of a huge bill comprised of old and newer bills all added into one big lump.  Except for about two months, when he was well after the brain surgery and he briefly worked, they have been without income for around three years.  It isn’t for lack of trying, just mostly the “red tape” which delays and even denies applications.

Hopeful Solutions to Some Problems!

They have waited for so long, and finally this week he goes to a large university hospital for more evaluations and/or surgery to plug the hole in his heart!  Of course, they hope for the surgery!  The seemingly endless waiting causes so much stress in itself, and everything has felt like endless waiting for them.  Now they hope for the surgery so he can begin the healing.

Our daughter is now signed up and only has a couple more steps to go, then she will finally have some income as her husband’s care provider.  His doctors are totally limiting his activity until after the surgery, followed by months of healing, so her care is important and necessary!

Other Problems!

Due to helping some acquaintances by allowing them to stay there with them, and no electricity, they have nothing now!  Those “helped-people” broke and stole just about everything possible.  Plus, most of their old appliances had broken down even before the electricity was turned off.

They just told us they only have one blanket that they have to turn sideways to cover both of them, and then their feet stick out.  Their bed is so broken down that they sleep on the floor.  What other furniture they have, is in about the same shape.

A Positive Attitude!

In spite of all of their problems, they manage to keep a positive attitude and look forward to a time things will be better.  Little by little they hope to put their lives back together and be able to live a normal life.  They know they will have to start out small, and as they can, just slowly keep filling their needs.  I admire their ability to stay positive and keep trying.

After he has the surgery to plug the hole in his heart, and is getting along toward being healed, we plan to write a book about his life.  He has gone through so many unusual things in his 42 years, we feel his life-story will be a very interesting and inspiring book!  I will keep you posted when the book is available.

For now, take care and keep positive about your life!


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One thought on “Life’s Problems!

  1. admin says:

    Wonderful writing, Barbara. Thanks for this excerpt of what will lead to an incredible story that needs to be told. You know I’ll buy into the ebook and a “First Edition!”

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