Love and Marriage!

A Long Marriage!

We Had Good Role Models for a Long Marriage!

110_F_11467943_a6WFty59G3pCNzmwnE1msj4KNLjMWnmw_PXPAmong most of our friends and family, we have the longest marriage.  In some cases, of course, their ages come into play, and down the road they may have a long marriage too.  There is one, and maybe even a second couple at church that have been married a few years longer than us, and in the local newspaper we have read of even longer marriages than theirs.

Our Role Models!

We had good role models — my parents were married 62 years when my mother passed on, and my husband’s parents were married 40+ years when his father died from cancer.  We’ve been lucky in our health and happiness, and now we just passed our 59th anniversary!

Oh, we’ve had some rough spots along the way, like all couples do, but our love and marriage meant enough that we pulled through those spots and continued on.  We plan to continue on together as long as we are here!

I Heard a Strange Comment!

I heard a strange comment from a friend about another couple who were her friends.  She said this couple didn’t “fight” but they sure knew how to argue.  She thought they both seemed to like to argue.  Wow!  My husband and I occasionally argue, but it’s short-lived and usually one of us admits we were wrong in the way we were looking at whatever we argued about.  Sometimes we just decide to drop it and move on.  I couldn’t stand constant arguments like the couple my friend knows.  That’s not a happy way to lead a life!  I wouldn’t want to live that way, and yet she said they seem happy.

Try to Have Peaceful Surroundings!

I have never liked to argue!  I feel that peaceful surroundings are so much more pleasant than living just to argue.  Oh, not that I never argue, but I try to be sure I am correct before I argue a point.  That is not really that hard to do; you just have to stop and figure things out first.  If you are sure of your facts, then there may be times that it is the correct thing to do — to argue for what you know is right.  But even then, I would choose to limit the time involved.

Many More Things We Can Do!

In most cases, whatever you disagree on, isn’t worth too much of one’s time.  If it is something really important, it might be worth a little more time and effort, but even then not too much time.  Life is so short and there are so many more things we can do that are so much more important and uplifting than arguing.

Life Needs To Be Calm!

A really happy, enjoyable life needs to be calm, without a lot of stress, doesn’t it!  Life in these days and times has quite a bit of stress without us finding ways to make it more stressful.  In fact we should look for ways to take away stress, not add to it.  Sometimes it takes a little doing, but often if we stay as calm as possible in situations, those around us will be more calm too.

I guess most of my life I’ve tried to keep calmness around me, and often that helps others to stay as calm as possible too.  Even if I feel very strongly about something, I try to handle it calmly.  I am not the “fighting” type, I am more of the one who tries to calm things down before situations even get to a fighting stage.  Calmness really helps add to one’s health and happiness!  Try it, and I’ll bet you will agree!

Until next time, stay well and happy!


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