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Are We Young or Old at a Certain Age?

110_F_1096176_d5gDaxKU0Flmf2uHwJKMMtumnABCMs_PXPHave you ever thought about your age?  Do you enjoy the age you are at now, or do you moan and groan about it?  If we can keep ourselves well and healthy, does age really matter that much?  Are we young or old at a certain age?  What exactly does age mean?

In some businesses it could limit our working years, even if it shouldn’t in many cases.  Many older people work until much later in life than others might have a generation or two ago.  The economy, whether in general or with individuals, is often at fault as to how late in life people feel they must work.  I’m speaking about what I see happening here in America, but I don’t really know if this holds true in other countries also.

An Article About Age!

Recently a friend sent me an article about age, and it mentioned something I had heard elsewhere too — “80 is the new 60, and 60 is the new 40.”  People are living longer now than they did even two or three generations ago, and living more active lives up to an older age.  I have even heard about, and I’ve seen on TV, people at age 90 going skydiving, riding in a hot air balloon, or going bungee jumping.

Possibly, rather than staying active, that could be a desire that they had at a younger age, but worried about the consequences.  Now, at an older age, that may not be as much of a worry anymore.  For myself, I don’t think I will do those things when I reach age 90.  How about you?  Are those things on your “bucket list?”  (In case that term isn’t familiar, simply stated it refers to the things one wants to do before they “kick the bucket” / die.)

What Term Do You Want Used?

Have you ever thought about what term you want used about yourself when you get up in age?  The above mentioned article also listed some of the terms used, such as:  geezer, oldster, elderly, mature, senior citizen, or just simply senior.  There were a few others that were less complimentary, so I will stop with these.  I joined the majority who chose:  “senior.”  For myself, and evidently many others, it seems like an apt description, without sounding like the word is a belittlement.

I have know people through the years who felt, and thought of themselves, as OLD at an age that more accurately would be described as middle-aged or even younger.  When my parents were approaching age 80, another couple asked them how old they were.  On hearing their response the other couple said, “Oh my goodness.  You both look younger than we do and we are only 65.”

Many times health plays a part in how old a person appears to be.  Poor health can age a person faster, or at least make them feel and even look older than they in truth are.  That’s a good reason for us to take good care of our health.

Is Age In Our Minds?

Is age in our minds?  If we think of ourselves as old at a younger age, what a loss!  I have personally known at least two people who thought they were “old” at age 30.  In my mind they were still really quite YOUNG!  I believe in having a young attitude about our age!  When we have a birthday we are really only one day older than the day before — not a whole year, as some seem to imply!  So, we are one day older — so what!  Enjoy birthday celebrations and just keep looking forward to the next one — always!  That’s living in a positive way, which will bring more health and happiness into your life.  That’s what we all should do!  Live happily each day and enjoy every moment we have!

Enjoy your YOUNG age, no matter what age you are!


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