Our What If’s and Why Me’s

What If’s and Why Me’s!

We All Have Those Moments!

110_F_7608713_f17rjirEMURd19bM5FC9AyfRzKjTiZ1D_PXPIn our lives we all have moments when we have our “What If’s” and “Why Me’s” don’t we. A diagnosis of a serious health problem – that is a really sad, unhappy, worrisome moment. But, when you think about it, both what if and why me are negative comments/thoughts. Health and happiness need us to be positive in order to find our best in both health and happiness. Even if something throws us for a bit, and we are depressed, we must find a way back to finding something positive to dispel the negative. We all have that within us, but sometimes we must rise up and try harder to locate it.

Look for the Positive Side!

With the “why me’s” in life, the positive side of that is – “why not me!” If you use that as a starting point and start looking for what to do, where to go, how to make a better outcome, you will get there! A good friend of mine was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She went through radiation and chemo, and followed nutritional guides for those who have cancer, and managed to live more fairly healthy years than if she had just given up and waited to die. She had four remissions and then re-occurrences over the years, but just kept doing the very best she could at all times. In fact at one point, about mid-way along, she was sent to a specialist at a very large university hospital. After reading her medical records which were sent to him, her doctor told her he was shocked to see her walk in the door unassisted, as he assumed she would be wheeled through his door in a wheelchair. Her positive way of life kept her going and much healthier than if she had taken a negative viewpoint. She is gone now, and dearly missed, but those of us that knew her benefited so much from her positive attitude.

Taking a Positive Stance!

For the “what if’s” in life, the positive side of that is – “even if!” For happiness and health, that more positive viewpoint does so much more for us. There again, a positive attitude gives us more happiness and better health than taking a negative point of view. With “even if,” you are taking a positive stance and moving forward in a positive way. You have to look for the best to happen, have hope of the best happening, and little by little things will be better for you. With all of us that works because it is a positive approach to our problems. Anything positive must have a better outcome than if we are negative. Instead of letting life happen to us, we turn things around and start helping our lives to progress forward in a healthier and happier way. Sometimes we have to be reminded to look for the positive – by a friend, by an interesting magazine article, by someone on a favorite TV show, by leaning on our faith. Hope is a positive thing and something we want to look for and hang onto. Do that and life will move in a more positive direction and your viewpoint will keep on an upward course.

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