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Life Happens!

Life Happens Every Day!

Good Days and Bad Days Happen!

DSCF0230In our family, and I am sure in your family too, “Life Happens!”  Every day it is something new, or so it seems.  How do you manage day to day?  Do you have more good days or more bad days?  I will tell you about some of the things that have happened to our family over the years.

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The Perfect Life!

Life Isn’t Perfect — Or Is It?

What if our life isn’t perfect?

110_F_1432816_jkzrKZEFGHIph4xKLMsGQwqATU0FGm_PXPSometimes life isn’t perfect, or anyhow what we think of as perfect, but life goes on from day to day, doesn’t it — perfect or not.  Sometimes our perception may not be exactly on target and we look at our life as not perfect, but to someone else our life may look perfect and they may wish they had our life instead of their own. Continue reading