The Perfect Life!

Life Isn’t Perfect — Or Is It?

What if our life isn’t perfect?

110_F_1432816_jkzrKZEFGHIph4xKLMsGQwqATU0FGm_PXPSometimes life isn’t perfect, or anyhow what we think of as perfect, but life goes on from day to day, doesn’t it — perfect or not.  Sometimes our perception may not be exactly on target and we look at our life as not perfect, but to someone else our life may look perfect and they may wish they had our life instead of their own.

We are all human beings, and human beings can be sad or happy, wishful or grateful, envious or satisfied.  We can live up to our potential or not even try to do that.  Some of us are not satisfied with our lives, but we really don’t search for some way to make our life better.

What Do We Think Is Missing?

First we have to decide what we think is missing, then figure out how we can improve our life so we can feel satisfied with it.  Sometimes we may even need someone to help us figure out what is wrong or missing, if we can’t seem to put our finger on that by ourselves.  A good friend, a counselor, and even, if need be, a psychiatrist may be of help.  However, we must be willing to reach out to someone at times.

If we know what our problem is, just talking to a good friend, or maybe a help-group, will help us to see the good things in our life and figure out how to make the less desirable parts better.  Sometimes even if we think we know what’s wrong with our life, we may be not perfectly correct.

What Is the Main Thing That Is Holding Us Back?

We all have times we tell ourselves that some part of our life isn’t a problem to us, even if that is the main thing that is holding us back in life.  Then, we have to be willing to really hear what our friend, or counselor, or whomever we have decided to talk with tells us.  We must learn to be okay with what we hear, and not be defensive and block out any suggestions.

Life can be easy sometimes, and sometimes life can be so difficult!  I think of people I know, or have known, who have had so many really bad, sad, truly hard-to-bear problems, and sometimes those seem to all come one right after another.  To come out in a good way after those times, we must learn to survive!

I’ve Known Those Who Had Really Difficult Times!

As I said, I’ve known those who had really difficult times hit over and over again, but I have seen them grow stronger and more resilient as they emerge from each of the difficulties.  When that happens, then we need to realize that maybe life is just preparing us for something in the future, or even for eternity.  Maybe that is why most of us do go through some really difficult times.  Often we have some really good times too in our lives, and we need to realize that.

We Just Have to Keep Moving Forward!

I feel we just have to keep moving forward and looking forward to good times ahead during the really bad times.  It seems life, if we keep a positive attitude, and look for even the smallest happy things in our life, we will end up in a good place.  We have to make our own happiness sometimes by the friendships we cultivate, by always trying to improve our life and the lives of those around us in some way, and by appreciating even the smallest things in life.  Try it, you just might like it!

Take care, until next time.  Do stay healthy and happy!


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