Things Happen!

Things That Have Happened in Our Lives!

A Lot of Things Have Happened!

110_F_5901550_m8CXKfX8DHLpNKDa5b4W3dfwjVQMVWI7_PXPI was thinking back over some funny and even strange things that have happened in our lives.  Sometimes things happen and at the time they seem serious even, but later it’s just sort of fun to think back about those happenings and some of them seem a little less serious than they did at the time they happened.  Some of them may even seem funny in some way.  When you have  a lot of years to look back on, a lot of things have happened.

I Had to Walk About a Mile!

When I was in Jr. High and High School, I had to walk about a mile to school.  Some of the curbs were very short and some were very high on my trek to school.  I was always pushing time, so had to hurry — sort of jog on my way to school so I would get there in time.  It seemed like I always had one knee or the other skinned as I would trip on the curbs due to hurrying.

Our Daughter Had Things Happen!

Later, our daughter seemed to be the one who usually had things happen — even on vacations.  One time we were up in the mountains, staying in a cabin, and she and her brother went to check out the nearby stream.  She got too close and fell in and her brother had to help get her out.

Another day we had gone to see some of the local sights, and we came across a horse corral.  Around it there were wooden posts and rails and at the top there was barbed wire going from post to post.  Well, she leaned through and forgot about the barbed wire when she stepped back, and ended up with a small hole in her head.  It was the weekend, but fortunately there was a medical clinic not too far away that was open.

Our Dog!

Then there was our dog who would kill gophers or moles in our yard, and lay them on our back deck — I guess a “present” for us.  One of them “came back to life” when my husband tried to scoop it up with the shovel to put it into the trash can.  What a surprise to both him and our dog!

Another funny thing that happened was the way my husband taught a couple of our dogs how to go through the dog door.  He crawled through first to show them how they could go out all by themselves.  It was good that we had a large enough dog door for him to get through without getting stuck!  Later I tried holding the dog door open and offering our dog a treat to come through — that worked even better.  Haha!

Mouse Stories!

Mice — there were some funny incidents there too!  On that same vacation in the mountains, one evening there was a little “pop” sound and a mouse popped its head through the floor heating vent and stared at us!  That was a little worrisome when we went to bed that night!

Another mouse story happened at my parents’ home.  One time a mouse somehow ended up in their kitchen and my brother’s dog chased the mouse round and round the kitchen until the mouse was too tired to move and my dad scooped it up and put it outdoors.  The dog was just about that tired too!

My Brother’s Dog!

My brother’s dog loved bacon and syrup and when my folks and brother would have pancakes or waffles with syrup and bacon, his dog found that he could stand on his hind legs and could just reach the plates.  If he saw anyone wasn’t looking, he would manage to lick any syrup and grab any bacon that they still had on their plates.  After the one time, when they saw what he was doing, they paid a lot closer attention to their plates!

Maybe You Have Some Funny Stories!

Think back and maybe you have some funny stories in your past too.  If you are bored or unhappy, that would be a great time to think of something funny to lift your mood and bring you some happiness.  We all need a little fun in our lives, don’t we?

Take care and think of something funny now and then!


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