Yesterday — Today — Tomorrow!

Our Days and Their Importance!

Are all days the same?

110_F_9688050_mwdSVVMzcUiU0O4lTPk8nUj1EuP67APj_PXPYesterday, Today, Tomorrow — are they all of the same importance?  Have you ever thought about that?  I don’t know that any of us dwell on that thought, but I thought I would tell about my view on each.  Yesterday is gone; today is here now; tomorrow is yet to come!

Yesterday is our past.  For some, yesterday may be many, many days of happenings in our lives; for others, there may not be many yesterdays in their lives yet.  Our past is important because we learn from what we and others did, from what we and others said, from the things that happened in our life and in the lives of those we were connected to in some way — our family, our friends, our acquaintances, and even strangers we met along the way.

Our Yesterdays!

Maybe our yesterdays were fun and exciting for us; maybe they were boring and dull; maybe they were just normal, everyday life.  They may likely have been a huge mixture of all of those things.  The choices we made in our lives then, may affect how our lives are now — depending on whether we made good-for-us choices or not.  Whatever, they are all PAST!

Today Is Important!

Today is our present life and happenings, and those of the people we know and care about.  Today is important because we are living it right now!  It is a combination of what we have learned from the past, what we are learning right now, and what we are doing with our life.  How are we connected to others?  Do we befriend others?  What impression do others have of us?  Whether we are great or not, all of us are important to ourselves and usually to at least some others around us.  Are we healthy and happy?  If not, is there something we can do to make our lives better?  Often there is, but we may have to search for the answers we need.  At the present time we have computers that make searching for answers fairly easy.  For those who do not use computers, there is always the old stand-by of the library.  Often there are classes, or friends, or professional people where answers can be found.  I feel like today we search for more answers than we did in our yesterdays, if we have lived very many years.  Whatever, this is now — TODAY!

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Tomorrow is our future.  It isn’t here yet and we really don’t know for sure what it will bring.  Will it bring good things, bad things, or what?  We just can’t know until it gets here!  Tomorrow, our future, is full of hope and promise, if we let it and encourage it to be.  We should all decide that our tomorrows will be full of good things!  Our attitude and the way we think can help bring that about.  We can plan now to keep a positive attitude in our lives and that will help us to be healthier and happier.  We should cast out any negativity and look for everything possible that will bring positives into our future.  Our future begins with what we do today towards making our future better.  Always, we should work toward making our future more full of appreciation of what good things we have in life — our life, those we love and who love us, friends and family, acquaintances, our faith in a Higher Power, tomorrow itself!  Whatever, on the horizon is — TOMORROW!

We should always look for the best of all of our days.  Take care, and may every day be your best day yet!


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